Email Message Sent 4/27/04 11:50:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time to:


Brian Hubner, Chair of AMA Education Committee

Cynthia Kent, ARMA Winnipeg Program & Education Director

Joe Kulyk, ARMA Winnipeg President

Denys La Rivière, ARMA Winnipeg Treasurer

Christine Mudryk, ARMA Winnipeg Conference Chair 

Ron Steinke, ARMA Winnipeg Membership Director


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to ARMA Winnipeg for my sponsorship as the keynote speaker and AMA for sponsoring my workshop at the April 21-23 Managing Electronic Records conference in Winnipeg. I especially thank each of you and all of the many other people, some like Denys La Rivière who along with the whole registration crew sacrificed being in the conference room to see for themselves how well things went.


And thank you for the support provided by the excellent group of exhibitor organizations and other supporters -- ADAPSIS, AMA, DJ Media, IBM, Iron Mountain, PITBLADO, the City of Winnipeg -- who made your Managing Electronic Records conference such a successful event. I always learn a great deal when I participate in a well-done conference like this, and this was no exception. It was most interesting to listen to the other speakers and to chat with you and delegates during breaks and meal times (mostly new meets but also some old friends and colleagues such as Tom Nesmith and (up from the States) Rosemary Pleva-Flynn), and with Ron Steinke during our trips to and from the airport which he so generously took his personal time to do. Thanks Ron for that and for showing me some of the Winnipeg's local color.


Finally, thank you Cynthia for the past many months of exchanges as we worked out the details of my participation in the conference, for putting up with my requests for the workshop setup and -- Oh so much -- for making the arrangements for me to see the Inuit collection at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


Bruce Miller and David Stevens are colleagues with whom I have shared the podium on other occasions, but usually passing like ships in the night, without the chance to get together. The down-home nature of the arrangements in Winnipeg made it possible this time to spend some face time with these outstanding professionals for which I am also very appreciative as they had so much to offer. Meeting Vigi Gurushanta for the first time was an added treat, and he is someone I am happy to add to my address book for future exchanges and consults. Regrettably, I missed Brian Bowman's presentation, and meeting him, because of a conflicting appointment.


The mix of records managers and archivists, practitioners and educators, public and private sector, made for a wide-ranging and sophisticated group and approach to the whole event. This was reflected in the questions and comments of delegates and the issues they raised. 


It was a very special pleasure for me to indulge myself in one of my favorite art forms -- Inuit art -- by visiting the Winnipeg Art Gallery, seeing its incredible collection and even finding an absolute gem of a little sculpture by Tukiki Munamee of Cape Dorset called "Seal/Bird" in the back of one of the display cases in the WAG gift shop to add to my small but long-treasured Inuit collection. Getting to visit the Post-Impressionists exhibit was unexpected icing on the cake. You have such a great deal and wide scope of cultural assets in Winnipeg in your people, location and heritage. It doesn't surprise me that you are all very proud of that.


I look forward to meeting you at future events in North America and elsewhere -- to the extent that my plans to cut back my professional work make that possible in a suit. 






Rick Barry, Principal

Barry Associates