WWW.RBARRY.COM has now been changed to WWW.MYBESTDOCS.COM  Please change your organizational links and personal browser bookmarks. This site is now up for sale. Referrals are welcomed. See more on this.

This is part of a plan to de-personalize the site from Barry Associates as I explore opportunities to sell the website under the new domain name. I will continue to play the role of Content Manager if the buyer wishes me to do so for a limited period of time. I am looking for an organization with a substantial information management and electronic records management practice, a consortium of universities, or other interested party to purchase the site.  Otherwise, the site likely will be possibly be shut down. Inquiries are welcomed. If it is sold, rest assured that I will announce that fact in advance and will delete the Guest Book entries from this site before any such transaction takes place. Guest authors will be given the choice of having their papers removed or retained on the website. Referrals are welcomed. Write to rickbarry@mybestdocs.com   

Many organizations have established links to www.rbarry.com and, from my mail, many individuals have bookmarked rbarry.com. Please change your links and bookmarks NOW and inform your webmasters to update their links to the site. For a short period, I will have rbarry.com re-pointed to www.mybestdocs.com  after which I plan to surrender the rbarry.com domain name and it will go back on the domain-name market. Please remember to change your links. R.B.