Information and Records Management Social and Ethical Issues

"Ethics and Social Issues for Creators, Managers and Users of Records," keynote presentation at the Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (LUCAS) Conference on Political Pressure and the Archival Record, July 24, 2003. (This is a MS PowerPoint presentation. It may take longer to load.)


"Ethical and Social Issues for Modern Information and 

Records Managers," by Rick Barry. A presentation to the ARMA Gaithersburg Chapter's Fourth Annual National Records and Information Management Week (NRIMW Forum) Knowledge Management Forum: "Records Management for a New Millennium: Back to the Basics and Into the Future " on April 5, 2001. (This is a MS PowerPoint presentation. It may take longer to load.)


  "Thinking about accountability, recordkeeping and Shelley Davis' Unbridled Power : a commentary", by Rick Barry.  A new look at a fascinating book, Unbridled Power: Inside the Secret Culture of the IRS, by Shelley L. Davis originally published as a book review by Rick Barry and later developed by him in this essay raising questions for the archives and records management community, policy makers and society.


"Keeping the record, keeping the trust" originally published in the January, 2000, Newsletter of the British Society of Archivists. This is about a few of the social, human factors and ethical issues let us say 'social issues' for short of some millennial proportion that are bearing down on ARM professionals: privacy and the sale of public records; public alienation from government; and the role of ARM professionals in ethical violations.