NARA to Release 1930 Census Data 


1/25/02 2:35:29 PM Eastern Standard Time



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On April 1, 2002 the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
will release the 1930 Federal population census. At that time, microfilmed
copies of the 15th Federal census mandated by the U.S. Constitution will be
available for at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC, at 13 of the
National Archives regional facilities across the nation, and through the National
Archives rental program.

The 1930 census consists of 2,667 rolls of population schedules and 1,587
rolls of Soundex indexes for 12 southern states, totaling 4,254 rolls. The
census provides a wealth of socio-economic information such as the
following: names of all persons living in each home; relationship of each
person to the head of household; whether the home is owned or rented; value
of the home; if the family owns a radio; if they own a farm; whether they
attended school or college; if they can read or write; place of birth;
citizenship status; and occupation. 

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