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Hi everyone,

In reply to Larry's query below about the development of a tool to covert the messages to a standard format, members of the list may be interested in the work we have undertaken at the Digital Preservation Testbed (Testbed Digitale Bewaring) in the Netherlands, on converting e-mail messages to XML for long term preservation.

We have explored different approaches to the conversion, and are developing an e-mail to XML conversion demo. It is a plug-in for an e-mail application, which creates and stores an XML representation of the message in a central repository when the e-mail is first created and sent.  The demo is currently being extended to convert existing and received e-mails to XML.

Details can be found on our website in the Publications section:

We will soon be publishing our final recommendations on e-mail preservation, and will be posting these on our website in due course.  They will include the XML Schema for the converted e-mails, as well as many other related topics.

Kind regards,

Maureen Potter
Experiment Operator
Testbed Digitale Bewaring.
24 - 26 Nieuwe Duinweg
2508 AA, Den Haag
Tel: 00 31 70 8887764

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Any thought being given to providing a tool to convert the messages to some
common format, then giving guidance that places the responsibility on the
sender/recipient to assign a subject matter and file classification to the
message for management within existing repositories?